The Metro Orange Line has been operating successfully since it opened in 2005. New funding provides up to $286 million to further improve this 18-mile Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor in the San Fernando Valley.The Metro Orange Line Improvements seek to provide safe and cost-effective strategies to improve operating speeds, capacity, and safety, while addressing passenger needs and minimizing disruption to the San Fernando Valley residents. Para español:
How often do you ride the Metro Orange Line BRT?

How do you connect to the Orange Line Station(s)?

Where do you take the Orange Line BRT? (Please check all that apply)

What improvements would you like to see on the Orange Line and at Orange Line stations?

As part of the Orange Line BRT Improvements Project, Metro is evaluating improvements that would improve bus speeds to move customers more efficiently and safely. Would these improvements affect your decision to use the Orange Line BRT?

What is your home ZIP Code?

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